Who makes the program of HighLoad++ Serbia?

Dear friends!

HighLoad++ Serbia, a conference for highload system developers, will be held in Belgrad on July 4. The first talks have been already accepted and we created the first version of the conference schedule. 

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Currently, our Program Committee is working on the accepted talks along with the speakers and deliberating about the rest of the talks. The members of the Program Committee are people who care about the content of the conference. Their main goal is to answer the demands and challenges of the professional community and select stories about high-load development from experienced authors that could inspire and empower you for new accomplishments.

Today we are starting to introduce you the members of Program Committee

Andrey Kvapil. Solutions Architect at Palark.

Open Source fanboy and active member of the community. Speaker of various IT conferences. Developer advocate who loves Kubernetes and all related technologies.

Ivan Evtuchovich. Head of Cloud Engineering at Postgres Professional

After graduating MIPT in Moscow, Ivan started as a C# and ASP.Net developer, then worked with PHP, Ruby, Scalaxy, and local Groupon. Now he is co-founder of Express 42, focusing on DevOps consulting for digital transformation. Ivan completed projects for top local banks, telecoms, and startups.

Konstantin Osipov. Head Development at ScyllaDB Inc.

Konstantin has been involved in database development and research for over 20 years, one of the core developers of MySQL, then CTO of Tarantool, now is building a distributed multi-model database — ScyllaDB, and nurturing the Rust ecosystem in Tarantool.

Grigory Petrov. Head of Technical Marketing at Evrone

Experienced software developer since the late '90s. Grigory contributed to projects like Radmin, Advanced IP Scanner, NPTV, Voximplant. As a speaker of professional conferences and meetups Grigory talks about software development management and cross-platform development. Currently he is a DevRel at Evrone, specializing in custom software development.

Leon Fayer. Senior Technology Executive at Teaching Strategies, Vice President of OmniTI

Leon Fayer is a veteran technologist with 20+ years of experience in developing, architecting, and operating complex systems. He designed systems for top brands like National Geographic, Disney, Toyota, MTV, SoulCycle, and Wikipedia. Currently Leon is building an engineering system and culture at Teaching Strategies.

Ignas Bagdonas. Co-chair of the RIPE Routing Working Group

Ignas is a network engineer who has 20+ years of experience in operations, deployment, design, architecture, development, and standardization. He worked on global SP and enterprise networks, contributed to technology deployments, and raised community awareness through conferences and workshops. Now Ignas is a co-chair of RIPE Routing Working Group, focusing on network architecture evolution and emerging technologies.

Vladislav Shpilevoy. Network Engineer at Ubisoft

Vladislav is a senior network programmer in Ubisoft and a developer in Tarantool DBMS. Interested in large scale networking, system programming, game development, databases, distributed systems, low-level optimisations of extremely loaded code, algorithms and data structures, cross-platform development in C and C++, formal models verification with TLA+.

Roman Boiko. Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS

Roman is working at AWS as a Senior Specialist Solution Architect focused on Serverless services. Helping the developers build their solutions on AWS is my passion. That's how he talks about his work: "Being a developer myself I am keen on making samples to showcase the possible use-cases with AWS Serverless services. Now I am focused on making a better developer experience for TypeScript developers running on AWS Lambda".

Co-organizer of HighLoad++ Serbia — our partner Yandex. We would be delighted to see you at the conference once again.

See you soon!

See you at the conference!