The cost of participation in the conference HighLoad++ Serbia 2023

  • Ticket prices depend on the date of purchase
  • Ticker price may vary depending on exchange rates
  • Partners get 10% discount for any number of tickets except if purchased at starting price

Sales start on, 16 March 2023



Before May 15

41 000 RSD 

(~ 350€)

Before June 15

56 000 RSD

(~ 470€)

Before the start of the event

63 500 RSD

(~ 540€)

If you want to book and pay for tickets as a legal entity or with a MIR card, please contact us at or Telegram

Offline participation in the conference

Offline participation in the HighLoad++ Serbia 2023 conference includes:

  • attending any talks, meetups and master classes of the conference with the opportunity to communicate with speakers in the discussion areas and on the sidelines;
  • conference handouts;
  • coffee breaks and a full meal during the conference;
  • after-party after the conference and good mood :)

On the site, you will have the opportunity to cover and immerse yourself in a wide range of topics, new technologies and hardcore solutions. And this whole spectrum will be presented only by real and most applied topics without marketing and empty talk.

We work with our speakers, organizing coaching sessions for them on speeches and presantation preparation. At the same time, the quality of the program should not depend on the financial capabilities of the speakers - the organizers compensate for the cost of flights and accommodation.

All this is being prepared by a whole team of professionals for several months, choosing and selecting the best, so that nothing distracts you from the conference.

Hence the prices. We want to make perfect conferences with an amazing program and set ourselves a very high standard of quality.

How to pay for participation?

If you want to pay by card:

1. Click on the "Buy" button on the conference website
2. Fill out the purchase form.
3. Pay.
4. A ticket will be generated and you will receive a payment confirmation and further instructions by email.

If you want to pay from a legal entity, buy 10 or more tickets, or pay with a Russian card, please contact us at

How to fill out the payment form

Below are a few simple rules, please keep them in mind when creating an application. This will save energy for all participants in the process, make registration easier, and your participants will get the most out of it:

1. The creator of the application does not have to be a conference participant. You can create as many applications as you want, each of which will have as many participants as you like;
2. The participants you specify in the application are the future conference attendees;
3. You can always (even after payment) make changes to the list of participants by contacting, indicating the application number;
4. By the way, this allows you to buy tickets even when you do not know who exactly from your company will go to the conference - just do not fill in the name and email address fields. In this case, you will be issued an anonymous ticket, which you can later personalize (enter your first and last name). Such a purchase makes sense - closer to the conference, ticket prices are much higher;
5. In the participant's email address field, you must either enter a real email address, or enter nothing. If you enter a real address, then your participant will have access to the video materials, will receive notifications (only official) and tips from us.

Any questions left?

If there are problems with access or any other questions - we are ready to answer them:, Telegram.

See you at the conference!