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Dear friends!

HighLoad++ Serbia, a professional conference for developers of high-load systems, will be held at Metropol Palace Hotel, Belgrade, on July 4.

We’re now selling tickets for corporate entities and individual guests. If you have already booked tickets for yourself or your employees, you can make your payment. If you haven't booked tickets yet, now is the time to buy them at a bargain price.

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At the moment, the Program Committee is reviewing more than 100 applications. The program will feature only the most informative and relevant talks from the best developers of high-load systems.

Today we are delighted to introduce our first speakers and their talks

Oleg Bondar (CPO at YDB) will discuss YDB design and internals, implemented decisions, and real-life cases.

YDB is a distributed horizontally-scalable fault-tolerant database with strict consistency, horizontal scalability, geo-replication, and support for ACID OLTP transactions. There are row-based and column-based tables, embedded streams, and declarative query language YQL in YDB.

This database is used for internet-scale services and is a core component of systems for continuous stream processing, persistent queues, and high-performance network block stores. With this talk you will learn more about YDB and how it can solve complex data problems.

Mons Anderson (Tarantool & VK Cloud) will speak about in-memory databases that are reliable and have many applications beyond just serving as a cache.

Mons will share approaches that make them as reliable as the most proven relational databases. During the talk, the speaker will analyze the database engine from incoming requests to transactional mechanisms at 1 million RPS. The main purpose of Mons Anderson’s talk is to show that in-memory technologies are already mature and reliable enough to be the primary data storage for your product.

Co-organizer of HighLoad++ Serbia — our partner Yandex. We would be delighted to see you at the conference once again.

See you soon!

See you at the conference!