Unlock Your Full Potential at HighLoad++ Serbia

Dear friends!

Are you ready to take your skills and knowledge to the next level? We have an exciting opportunity for you to grow both personally and professionally. HighLoad++ Serbia is just around the corner, and we believe it's the perfect event for you to attend. We will meet in Belgrade on July 4.

How to level up your skills at HighLoad++ Serbia?

Listen carefully and take notes during talks that interest you. No nonsense or annoying ads. The Program Committee selects only those talks that provide a solution to a specific problem. The relevance of the topic is one of the main criteria in the selection process.

Reload your brain between talks. Unlimited coffee break with light snacks, tasty lunch, activities at the stands of the conference partners, and networking with other participants. These will help you to relax a little after a previous talk and prepare your mind for a new portion of knowledge.

Network with professionals. More than 800 participants are going to attend the conference. These are IT specialists from different companies with many years of experience, employees of the partners of the conference, and creators of IT products. Your professional curiosity will allow you to learn even more than the speakers will tell you in their talks. The most important part of networking is the afterparty. In a relaxed environment, you can talk about complex technical issues or just vibe with people close to you.

Work with the content of the conference afterwards. Recordings of talks and presentations will stay with you forever. You'll be able to share them with your colleagues and find solutions for scaling, securing, and resilient your systems together.

Here are some videos from our previous conference in Armenia. Maybe one of them would be useful for your team right now.


Building resilience at scale in your IoT application

Cheats & mistakes to read and create SLAs

“Sounds cool, but it’s too expensive for me”

We understand that even the current price of 56,000 RSD is a serious expense. But you can ask your employer to financially support your participation in the conference. 

Here are some compelling tips to help you convince your employer to support your participation in the HighLoad++ Serbia Conference. 

Use it for your presentation, email or negotiations with your managers.

  1. Emphasize the knowledge gain. Highlight the vast array of industry experts and thought leaders who will be sharing their insights at the conference. We have been organizing IT conferences for 15 years. Our approach to content is quite different than in many other conferences. We don’t allow speakers to advertise their products or companies, only talk about their real experiences and cases to share their knowledge. There will be 20+ practice-focused talks on relevant topics, carefully chosen by high-level IT professionals.
  1. Showcase the relevance. Explain how the conference topics align with your company's current challenges and goals. Demonstrate how attending sessions on emerging technologies and best practices will enable you to find innovative solutions and drive your business forward.

Here are the main topics we will discuss during the conference:

  • Architecture and Scalability
  • Infrastructure and Platforms
  • Databases
  • Security
  • Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Video and Streaming
  • Internet of Things

Here is the schedule. All talk abstracts are on this page

  1. Stress the networking opportunities. Between talks, various important things happen. You can always review the content of the talks even after the conference. However, only at the conference can you ask questions and find out more details from the speakers themselves. Or maybe you will find a person who solves the same problem as your team, and they have already solved it. Why not ask him how they did it? 
  1. Highlight the cost-effectiveness. Identify several problems with your IT system that affect your company's revenue. Talk to the business unit about the talks that can help with these problems.
  1. Propose knowledge sharing. Assure your employer that you will share the knowledge gained at the conference with your colleagues. Offer to create a summary report or presentation upon your return.
  1. In conclusion, provide a detailed plan. Present a clear plan of action, including the conference schedule, networking opportunities, and the specific solutions you expect to bring back to the company. This demonstrates your commitment to making the most of the conference and ensures your employer sees the value in supporting your participation. 

Just look at how it was in Armenia in December 2022

Remember, your attendance at the HighLoad++ Serbia conference is not just an investment in your professional development; it is an investment in the growth and success of your organization. By staying at the forefront of the industry trends and expanding your knowledge base, you will become an invaluable asset to your team.

The price of the tickets for HighLoad++ Serbia will be increasing on June 15. This means that if you haven't secured your ticket yet, now is the time to act!

Buy tickets to HighLoad++ Serbia

To buy your ticket, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our official website and navigate to the "Buy a ticket" section.
  2. Select the desired ticket type based on your preferences and availability.
  3. Proceed to the checkout page to finalize your ticket purchase.
  4. Make the payment using the available secure payment options.
  5. After completing the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket details.

The co-organizer of HighLoad++ Serbia is our partner Yandex. We would be delighted to see you at the conference.

Have a good day!

See you at the conference!