We have collected all the information that you may need at the conference into one big article: from how to get to the venue and where to eat, to accounting and travel expenses.

We send all important updates here in the app and duplicate into the Telegram channel.

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There is a lot of information that can be useful to you at the conference: from how to get to the venue of the event and where to eat, to with accounting and travel expenses. Therefore, we have made a small table of contents for the article:

HighLoad++ Serbia 2023

HighLoad++ Serbia will be held on July 4, 2023 in Belgrade at the Metropol Palace Hotel (Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, 69).
The opening of the event will take place on July 4 at 9.30AM. Registration opens at 8:30 and does not close throughout the day.
The conference will last one full day. The first talk starts at 10AM and the last one ends at 7PM.
The talks are 40-50 minutes long, including Q&A sessions.

Program and schedule

Q: Where can I find the conference schedule?
A: You can found the conference website and on the participant's badge.

Q: What time does the conference start and end?
A: Registration starts at 08:30, the conference opens at 10:00, the presentations begin at 10:00, and the program ends at 18:00.

How to get to the venue

Q: Where to go?
A: Metropol Palace Hotel (Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, 69).
The Metropol Palace Hotel is located at the center of Belgrade, close to Tasmajdan Park.

Q: How to get there from the airport?
A: Belgrade airport is called Nikola Tesla Airport. Its terminals are located 20 kilometers from the city center. To get to the Metropol Palace, you can use public transportation services (around 50 mins), order a taxi or rent a car (25 mins).

Q: How to get there by public transport?
A: There is a public transport stop near the main entrance to the hotel (2-minute walk) called “Pravni fakultet”. Buses and trains come to the stop from all over Belgrade. You can see the list of routes on the map.

Q: Is parking here?
A: Yes, here is parking.
Parking prices:

  • Per starting hour: RSD 200
  • Day ticket: RSD 2,345 – €20

A brief guide to Belgrade for HighLoad++ Serbia participants

Q: What about payment methods?
A: You can use VISA or MasterCard* credit cards to pay for any expenses. If you prefer paying in cash, you can withdraw your money from numerous ATMs located all around Belgrade. Check with your bank to see what other options or limitations you may have in Serbia. 

* Note that VISA and MasterCard cards issued in Russia are suspended from use. 

Q: What about Taxi?
A: We recommend using Yandex.Taxi. This service allow payment in cash or via credit card, provided it is linked to your account in the app. You may use the nearest available taxi on the street, but it’s better to use Yandex.Taxi to avoid potential miscommunication.

Registration and badges

Q: What documents are needed to attend the conference?
A: Any document that proves your identity. You can also print an electronic ticket from your personal account or the account of the person paid for the application, or ask your booking manager (if someone was buying the ticket for you). This is not necessary, but it can speed up the registration process.

Q: Where can I find tickets?
A: There is a link to tickets in your personal account — conf.ontico.pro/tickets.html. If the application was submitted from your name, the system will show you the tickets of all your participants. If you are a participant, then you will only see your ticket.

Q: Do I need to print tickets?
A: No, it is also possible to pass through the lists of participants. A printed ticket with a code will speed up the process. If you are printing a ticket through the Internet Explorer browser, then you need to click on the Print Background Colors checkbox when printing.

Q: What should I do if there is a mistake in the name or company in the badge?
A: Go to the check-in desk and ask to reprint the badge.

Q: If I'm late, how do I check in?
A: The registration is open throughout the day, you will be registered at any time.


Q: I received only my badge at the check-in desk, but where is the rest of the handouts?
A: Each participant of the conference will definitely receive a badge at the registration desk (with it you will be able to enter the conference territory). The rest of the handouts: a pen, a notebook can be found, right after the entrance to the venue.

Lunches, coffee breaks and cafes

Q: Will there be food?
A: Absolutely! Coffee, tea and snacks will be available all day long! Yes, yes, we have a permanent coffee break! Now no one will leave hungry ;)

Mobile app of HighLoad++ Serbia 2023

Q: Why do I need this app?
A: The app partially duplicates the website: it has a schedule, a description of the talks and speakers, a list of partners, the F.A.Q. But there are things that are not on the website: general chat, social networking, reminder notifications for the talks you selected. There's also our support on the app.
The important thing is that the app displays the schedule even without an Internet connection

Q: Where can I download the app? What is it’s name?
A: The app name is Event.Rocks and it is available on the AppStore and PlayMarket. Here are the link to download it: admin.eventicious.com/eventrocks.
After logging in, you will be asked to enter PIN code. Where to get this PIN code – please find below.

Q: Where can I get a PIN code?
A: PIN codes are only available to meeting attendees. You can get them in 3 ways:

  • in your personal profile (in the "Your Tickets" section, here: conf.ontico.pro/tickets.html by clicking on the ticket icon or ticket number),
  • in the email with the subject "Mobile app for HighLoad++ Serbia" (this will be sent on June,30 or after),
  • on your badge.

If you didn't enter your e-mail address during registration, if you don't have a personal account on ontico.pro, or if you can't find your pin code, please contact our support via Telegram @HighLoadIntSupport or e-mail support@ontico.pro.

More details in this article.

Q: Can I communicate with speakers via the app?
A: You can send a direct message request to any participant or speaker of the conference. However, before you can start a dialogue, the recipient of the request must approve it.
All your messages can be found in the Direct Messages section.

Q: Notifications: how do I turn them ON (or OFF)?
A: The notification settings can be controlled via the “gear” icon on the home screen of the mobile app. Select the “gear” icon, then select "Notifications".

Communication at HighLoad++ Serbia 2023


Chat with conference participants is in the app, in Chat menu.


Q: When will the closing documents be available?
A: Closing documents (original invoice of the offer and act) will be issued at the conference or after it ends upon written request.

Q: How can I order closing documents for the conference?
A: You need to order documents at the Headquarters (look for us on the diagram). Be sure to state the application number and your full name (for individuals) or an account number (for legal entities).

Q: What should be in a written request?
A: In a written request for closing documents, you should include a real delivery address, a contact person and the phone number of the contact person, because we send documents only by courier service.

Q: How to get a stamped travel certificate?
A: We have not issued travel allowances since 2014. But if you still need it, bring it with you, we will stamp it for you.

Q: Do you provide participation letters?
A: Yes, we do. They can be obtained at the conference. To do this, you need to order your participation letter at the information desk. Be sure to include the application number and your full name.

Site layout. How to navigate around the venue?

  • Firstly, your badge will include the map of the venue;
  • Secondly, you can ask any employee for directions;
  • Thirdly, you can ask a question in the Telegram chat.

Q: Where can I leave my belongings or outdoor shoes? Is there a cloakroom?
A: Yes, heavy things, suitcases and outdoor shoes (in a bag) can be left in the cloakroom. Ask, the check-in desk for directions.

Contacts of the organizers

For any questions, contact us via email support@ontico.pro or Telegram.

See you at the conference!